Dr. G.Suresh kumar

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Description of Physiotherapy Practice

Physiotherapists are primary health care  practitioners who consult and collaborate with clients  and others to provide quality client-centred services. Physiotherapists contribute to keeping people productive throughout their lives by maximizing function and improving quality of life. Through evidence-informed practice, physiotherapists, prevent, assess, and treat the impact that injury, pain, disease and/or disorders have on clients’ movement, function,and health status. Physiotherapists practice both independently and as part of interprofessional  teams along the, health system continuum from primary to tertiary care.


I have started my practice as assistant physiotherapist in 2006 at Jagdeesh physiotherapy clinic at hanamkonda & then worked as senior physiotherapist in srinivasa orthopaedic hospital.

I started my individual practice at REMEDY HANDS PHYSIOTHERAPY & REHABILITATION CLINIC in 2007.

I had expertise in treating low back pain , cervical & lumbar spondylosis , post operative stiffness with manual therapy.

Recently I have completed my masters in physiotherapy as sports specialisation.

I have completed my certificate course in manual therapy.

In 2013 we have started physiotherapy department in HITHAYU AYURVEDIC & PHYSIOTHERAPY HOSPITAL with well equipped exercise therapy & electro therapy units.

I have attended many call in programmes on local FM radio to educate people regarding physiotherapy.

I have conducted many free camps to help people know the importance of physiotherapy in relieving their ailments.

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