Dr. P. Haritha

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I worked as assistant physician in Holistic ayurveda clinic ,hyderabad from 2005-2007.

In 2007 I started my own practice in HITHAYU ayurvedic hospital & with in a short period of time I have earned good reputation in ayurvedic treatments.

I have achieved good results in treating varied conditions such as hemiplegia, quadriplegia,skin diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, arthritic conditions etc.

The response which I got for infertility treatments is overwhelming. I combine special drugs according to the patient’s prakruti & design treatments according to their individual needs.

I have attended many national seminars such as the one in udupi in 2006 to meet present day ayurvedic treatments.

We conduct regular medical camps in near by villages to create awareness about ayurvedic treatments.

Many articles written by me are published in local news papers to educate people about ayurvedic line of treatment.

I have expanded my hospital in 2013 to a 25 bed hospital  with inpatient facility.

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